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About The Fellows Program

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The Blueprint Fellows Program is designed to accelerate student achievement in schools across the country.

Fellows provide daily, small group tutoring sessions to students across grades K-12. Fellows work full-time and lead 5 to 7 carefully planned sessions to 2 to 4 students per period throughout the school day. As members of the school community, Fellows are fully integrated into their school cultures and are invited to collaborate with school staff, attend all staff meetings and professional development opportunities, communicate with students’ families, and coordinate school-wide service projects.

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Fellows work to accelerate each student’s academic achievement as well as meet the individual learning needs of each of their students. Throughout the year Fellows are also building strong relationships with students to help to increase their self-confidence and commitment to their education. In this way, Fellows help ensure each student they serve is aware they can have a successful future, the ability to attend college, and can apply their skills to new challenges.

Fellows generally start work in the summer but occasionally openings become available during the current school year.

If you or others you may know are interested in applying to the program, follow the links to learn more about our application process, where we’re hiring, and to access the online application.

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The majority of Blueprint Fellows positions are now designated as AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps members are eligible to receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award upon successful completion of the program. To learn more about the special qualifications, responsibilities and benefits associated with serving as an AmeriCorps member with Blueprint Schools Network please take a moment to read through our AmeriCorps Overview Document and the AmeriCorps Fact Sheet. Blueprint Schools Network is proud to be part of the Employers of National Service initiative.