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Caitlin Ross

School » Lake International Middle School

District » Denver Public Schools

Tutoring » 7th and 8th Grade

What do you enjoy most about being a Blueprint Fellow?

Caitlin Ross: I enjoy being able to hone my teaching skills in a unique setting where I get to become an expert at questioning and driving student-centered lessons.

What is the most powerful part of the Fellows Program?

Caitlin Ross: The most powerful part of the Fellows Program is the experience of having intense and almost individualized instructional time with a student, and to see your work help them to feel success and gain confidence.

What is the hardest part?

Caitlin Ross: The hardest part of the Fellows Program is often determining whether the students we teach are truly lost, or if they just feel unmotivated about particular topics so that I can respond to their needs appropriately.

Why did you want to become a Fellow?

Caitlin Ross: I wanted to become a Fellow so that I could work with students and in a school while I pursing a full-time teaching position.

Tell me about the students you work with. What changes have you seen in them throughout the year?

Caitlin Ross: The students I work with began the year as unmotivated and low achieving. Throughout the year they have slowly become more confident, engaged, and interested learners who leave math class feeling good about themselves.

What are the other Fellows at your school like? What is it like working together?

Caitlin Ross: I really like working with the other Fellows. Some plan on pursuing careers in Education or teaching professionally, and some don’t, but it is great to be able to collaborate with other motivated people who are doing the same work as you.

What contributions does the Fellows Program make to the school overall?

Caitlin Ross: The Fellows Program adds twelve more positive role models to my school, catches students up on content they may have missed to help them gain confidence in their skills, and challenges them with new content. The Fellows Program also helps the students to become more self-reliant learners.

Would you recommend the Blueprint Fellows Program to others? Who would you recommend the program for? Why?

Caitlin Ross: I would recommend the Fellows Program to people who are pursuing Education as a career because it gives you a great perspective of what it is like to work in a school. It also motivates you to stay in the field because you see progress in each student, every day.