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Peter Carlisle

School » Green Valley Elementary

District » Denver Public Schools

Tutoring » 4th Grade

What do you enjoy most about being a Blueprint Fellow?

Peter Carlisle: There are so many benefits to being a Fellow: working with a team of like-minded and driven friends, the sense of purpose you get by being on the front lines of closing the achievement gap, developing deep relationships with the kids, and on top of all of that, actually achieving tremendous growth with them throughout the year. There is no question that we are making a difference.

What is the most powerful part of the Blueprint Fellows Program?

Peter Carlisle: The small groups allow us to build meaningful and lasting relationships with the kids. Seeing a student grow from the beginning of the year, when he or she often dislikes math, to the end of the year, when it is usually his or her favorite subject is extremely rewarding.

Why did you want to become a Fellow?

Peter Carlisle: I was seeking a position in which I might contribute to positive change in the world. Being a Math Fellow fit the bill perfectly.

Tell me about the students you work with. What changes have you seen in them throughout the year?

Peter Carlisle: One of the most wonderful changes I’ve seen is in some of the more quiet and shy children. Many of them have no confidence in themselves, but teaching them at their instructional level and showing them the growth they make using actual data really builds their confidence. Some of them are completely transformed by the end of the year!

What do you plan to do next year? How has the Blueprint Fellows Program influenced that decision?

Peter Carlisle: I will likely return for a third year of being a fellow. It is the most rewarding job I have ever had.

What are the other Fellows at your school like? What is it like working together?

Peter Carlisle: There is a strong sense of camaraderie between the Fellows at our school. Every day we spend time meeting, discussing, and troubleshooting- seeking out ways to make the program better. It is exhilarating working with a group of driven and like-minded colleagues!

Would you recommend the Blueprint Fellows Program to others? Who would you recommend the program for? Why?

Peter Carlisle: I would recommend this program both to people seeking a career in education (it is great for networking), and people who might just like to spend a year or two having an incredible life experience. The position works great for those freshly out of college or those who have been in the workforce a bit longer.