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Sarah Kirker

School » McGlone Elementary School

District » Denver Public Schools

Tutoring » 4th Grade

What do you enjoy most about being a Blueprint Fellow?

Sarah Kirker: The thing I enjoy most about being a Blueprint Fellow are the relationships I am able to build with my students. The small group framework allows for the Fellows and the students to get to know each other on a more personal level. This is very rewarding and encourages a very strong bond between Fellows and their students.

Why did you want to become a Fellow?

Sarah Kirker: I wanted to become a Fellow because I wanted to share my love of math with children. I have always loved math and it makes me so happy to see my students begin to feel the same way about it.

Tell me about the students you work with. What changes have you seen in them throughout the year?

Sarah Kirker: One of the biggest changes we see in our students over the course of the year is the increase in confidence that they show. Most students come into tutoring on the first day with an “I hate math” or “math is too hard” attitude. By the end of the year most of the students that we work with would say that math is their favorite subject.

What are the other Fellows at your school like? What is it like working together?

Sarah Kirker: One of my favorite parts of the Fellows program is the collaboration with the other Fellows and teachers at my school. We are a tight knit team who look out for each other and work together to make sure that we are doing the best we possibly can for our students. It is great to have such supportive and positive people to work with every day.

Would you recommend the Blueprint Fellows Program to others? Who would you recommend the program for? Why?

Sarah Kirker: I would recommend the Fellows program to anyone that wants to make an immediate difference in a child’s life. By supporting these kids in their learning we are helping to open doors for them in the future, but also supporting them emotionally and academically right now. Tutoring allows the kids to feel successful in a subject that they have often struggled with which is a great confidence boost for them.