Blueprint Fellows are essential members of their school’s community.

Through their service as tutors, Fellows establish strong bonds with their students and directly contribute to the growth and development of these students throughout the year.




As key contributors to Blueprint’s school improvement efforts, Fellows have many important roles and responsibilities, including:

  • Observingmonitoring, and assessing student performance on a regular basis and recording data to track student performance;
  • Preparing instructional activities that aid in mastering specific academic skills, including subject matter content and state-mandated and end-of-course assessments; and
  • Collaborating with classroom teachers, department administration, and Fellow Coordinators to ensure that each student is on track with their classroom materials and instruction.
  • Reaching out to a student’s family at least once every two weeks to update the family on the student’s academic progress in tutorial;
  • Enforcing school/district behavior rules and policies.



The Blueprint Fellows Program seeks candidates who:

  • Hold an Associate degree or higher
  • Have an outstanding college record
  • Are able to pass a competency test in mathematics
  • Are able and willing to go above and beyond to support student achievement and help students succeed
  • Have experience working with adolescents or related field (preferred)
  • Have experience tutoring or mentoring youth (preferred)

The following traits describe the personal qualities we look for in each of our Fellows:

  • Team-player attitude
  • A strong sense of personal responsibility
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Appreciates and respects diversity
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and ability to be flexible and deal with a certain amount of unpredictability



Mandatory training for the Blueprint Fellows Program takes place prior to the start of service in schools. Exact dates will vary from year to year, but Fellows can generally expect the training to begin towards the end of July or mid-August depending on the region in which they will be serving.

Training includes everything you will need to be successful as a Fellow, including the following:

  • how to plan and structure your tutorial session
  • how to maintain a strong culture of learning for all students
  • how to build relationships with students and families

In addition to training before the beginning of the school year, there will be many professional development sessions offered throughout the school year for Fellows.

The Blueprint Fellows Program does not result in teacher certification but it does provide important skills, exposure and preparation for the teaching field. In addition, many of our Fellows apply the experience, knowledge, and skills they gain to other fields such as international development, youth development, education, medicine, social work, and law.




Compensation for the Blueprint Fellows Program varies slightly by region, up to $20,000-$25,000 annually with benefits. 

Through our AmeriCorps partnership, eligible Fellows qualify for additional benefits to include:

  • $6,095 Segal AmeriCorps Education Award for each year of service successfully completed
  • Deferment of qualified student loans during your year of service
  • Childcare benefits
  • A national support network of members and alumni