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National Team

Matt Spengler

Founder & Executive Director

Lori Kipnis

Director of Human Capital Strategy

Sarah Kirker

Math Fellows Program Director

Todd Fishburn

Director of Innovation and Impact

Ted Trevens

Director of Finance

Freda Statom-Greene

Director of Development and Engagement

Susie Hartline

Talent Acquisition Manager

Stephen Lewis

Data and Operations Coordinator

Alma Trevino

Manager, Human Capital Operations

Caitlynn White

AmeriCorps Program Coordinator

Regional Team

Shaundranetta Wood

Site Manager, Washington D.C.

Charles Levinson

Site Manager, East St. Louis

Ali Lafferty

Site Manager, Bay Area

Lauren Woll

Program Associate, Bay Area

Sarah Shindler

Associate Site Manager, Washington, D.C.

Lia White

Site Manager, Nashville

Math Fellow Cohorts


Nashville Math Fellows


Bay Area Math Fellows