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“Being a Fellow is more than an experience and more than a job. It's an opportunity to impact kids and help a child not be fearful of math.”

- Shameen

“I am now a full time teacher at Riverview Gardens now and love it! Blueprint definitely played a HUGE part in sparking my passion for teaching students in communities with less privilege. Charlie and Sarrona (Site Managers) were great supervisors helping me foster my love for teaching so thank you….I am even going to start a math club at my elementary school like I did in ESTL!”

- Kathryn P.


Fellows support the academic and personal growth of their students by leading small group math tutoring and goal setting sessions. Fellows use data to track performance and improve math instruction. They integrate with school communities by meeting with staff and parents and participating in school events.


Fellows receive support in the form of weekly 1-1 coaching with a Site Manager, weekly whole group professional development, and collaborative planning sessions. Topics range from math content to classroom management or discussions on equity issues in education.